We Collect, We Store, We Deliver... and We Move!

You Pack

Export grade heavy duty boxes and packing materials delivered to your door free of charge.

We Collect

Box collections during pre-notified time windows from your home or work so you don't have to wait in all day.

We Store

We store your boxes at one of our dry, secure facilities. Login to your account to manage your boxes and arrange returns.

We Deliver

Boxes returned on the day of your choice, Monday to Saturday, so you can plan for their arrival.

Sutton storage

Why not take the self out of self storage in Sutton, and save yourself a small fortune in boxes, packing tape, fuel, van rental, and hassle. See how Storage Collect's all inclusive collection+storage+delivery service stacks up against self storage in Sutton.

Free relocation after storage in Sutton

Storage Collect in Sutton is part of our national network of storage depots and delivery vehicles. At the end of your storage at Sutton we can deliver your Sutton storage boxes anywhere in the UK for the same price as returning them from storage to Sutton.

New to Sutton? Here's the lowdown.

Sutton is borough of London with 191'000 people. The borough covers an area of 43 square kilometres and is one of London's most southerly boroughs, formerly part of Surrey until 1965. The borough has a great deal to see and do including theatre, libraries, galleries, museums and so on. The borough's main theatre is the Charles Cryer Theatre in the district of Carshalton, and is host to regular productions including comedy, dramas, dance, and musicals. The borough's schools are excellent and include five grammar schools, a host of non-grammar primary and secondary schools, and two colleges of higher education; Carshalton College and the Sutton College of Learning for Adults.

Sutton Accommodation

Storage Collect can take care of your all Sutton storage and moving requirements, but we we don't do people storage at Sutton! For accommodation in Sutton, check out our interactive Google map with links to accommodation providers:

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