Fill completely

All solid items must have at least 5cm padding on all sides before being packed.

Outer boxes?

Fill completely

1. Leave no unused space for movement. Pack full.
2. If your box rattles when shaken, it's not ready.
2. Pack small/delicate items into smaller boxes.
4. Pack into StorageCollect storage boxes.

Glassware and crockery?

Original packaging + padding

1. Isolate every item with thick card or bubble wrap.
2. Put thick padding between all stacked items.
3. Place items together tightly in original packaging.
4. Pack into StorageCollect storage boxes.


Original packaging + padding

1. Use the original packing for primary protection.
2. Place packed item into outer box provided.
3. Ensure outer box is totally full, using padding.
4. Remove cartridges, tape lids shut.

Paperwork and files?

Use our small boxes

Use our small boxes for paperwork:
1. Ideal size for A4 folders.
2. Very strong.


No thank you!

We cannot store liquids of ANY kind. This includes:
1. Shampoo, toiletries, and beauty products.
2. Food/drink products.
3. Printer cartridges.
4. Oil, fuel, aerosols.

Food products?

No thank you!

We cannot store food products. This includes:
1. Pasta, grains, seeds, noodles, protein powder.
2. Dried foods, spices, and herbs.
3. Fresh foods.
4. Meat, vegetables, fish, cured meats.

Jewelry and collectibles?

Not insured

We cannot insure jewelry and collectibles:
1. Watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings.
2. Antiques, portraits.
3. Works of art.
4. Money.


No thank you!

We cannot store or insure combustibles such as:
1. Fuels, liquid or solid.
2. Lighters.
3. Aerosols.
4. Gas canisters.


No thank you!

We cannot store drugs, for obvious reasons.

If you pack carefully and reasonably our strong boxes and careful handling will ensure your stored items stay in good condition throughout transportation and storage.

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