We Collect, We Store, We Deliver... and We Move!

Why not take the "self" out of personal self storage?

StorageCollect is a revolution in personal storage in the UK.

Instead of doing it yourself and spending a small fortune in boxes, petrol, van hire, unused storage space, and time, StorageCollect provides free boxes and packing materials, collects them from home or work, stores them, and returns them all at once or individually, anywhere and anytime you want them, from just 1.50 per box per week.

And avoid the self storage hidden extras...

With StorageCollect everything is included, which means no more hidden extras like:

  • Van hire
  • Overpriced storage boxes
  • Expensive padlocks you only use once
  • Fuel
  • Separate insurance

Time-window collections - to avoid waiting in all day

With StorageCollect your collections and returns are usually (dependent upon area) assigned time windows, so you don't have to wait in all day.

Collections/returns are a click away

Arrange collections and returns online using your StorageCollect account. No need for van rental, heavy traffic, annoying storage neighbours, congested aisles, scary industrial estates, or forgotten keys!

Why we are cheaper

Space costs a lot. With StorageCollect you pay for storage by the box, so you only pay for the space you use, not the gaps you can't reach!

Is self storage costing more than planned?

At Storage Collect you only pay for what you store.

From just 1.50 per box per week.

Why rent a storage room when you can store by the box?

With Storage Collect, everything's included.

No more hidden extras like insurance, boxes, padlocks, van hire, fuel etc

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