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Moving and Relocation

In addition to storage, Storage Collect provide a fully tracked moving service, both domestic and international. So, if you need to move between cities, or from one country to another, Storage Collect can help. Our moving services include free boxes and packing tape, £ 100 insurance per box, and fully tracked door to door delivery.

Moving examples:

  • Shipping from United Kingdom to Germany for £44.25 per 25kg box based on 3 standard boxes.
  • Shipping from United Kingdom to USA for £114.22 per 25kg box based on 3 standard boxes.

Our Moving services include:

  • Free double-walled shipping boxes and packing tape.
  • The option to use your own suitcases and bags for moving.
  • Generous weight limit of 25kg per box/suitcase/bag.
  • Full moving insurance for up to £100 for each shipping box or suitcase included in the price.
  • Collection from your door, ground floor.
  • Transit time: 2-15 days, not weeks. Get an instant quote for your destination.

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